"Always here when you need us"   

Support is the "soul" goal of Hydro Angels Over Texas
for people dealing with the complex issues of Hydrocephalus.
You Are Not Alone




 (h?′dr?-sef′?-l?s) is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within cavities of the brain called ventricles.



 You Are Not Alone!


 You are not alone!

  You are not alone!


All Ages Welcome - Infants to Elderly
Come join us! Jan. Mar. May. Jul. Sep. Nov.
The purpose of the support group is to educate, express concerns, share stories, and make connections. HAOT support groups are open to anyone with hydrocephalus or anyone who loves someone with hydrocephalus. ALL ages WELCOME. We focus on parents & children & individuals learning to grow in understanding, coping, and making lasting bonds, while educating each other about our personal journey with hydrocephalus.
Our Support Group Leaders are volunteers. They will not host a meeting if no one has reserved a seat. Please contact us and say,YES, I am attending. Thank you.
Email: [email protected]
     Please list Support Group Location You are Attending
2012 Support Group Schedule
  Schedule subject to change. Please check website
March Topic: "Shunts, Shunts and more shunts!"
Tomball (Houston)  - Vannessa McNear
Thursday, May 3 @ 6:30p - 8:00p
Tomball Library
30555 State Highway 249
San Antonio  - Sheri Burdine
Tuesday, May 1 @ 6:30p - 8:00p
American Red Cross
3642 E Houston St 
Austin  - Kelly Hamilton
Sunday, May 6 @ 1:30p -3:00p
Auditorium at Dell Childrens Hospital
enter through the Pat Hayes entrance
Dallas - Stefani Hannon 
Sunday, May 27 @ 1:30p - 3:00p
Ronald McDonald House

4707 Bengal St.

Rio Grande Valley - Linda Carmona
Wednesday, May 30 @ 6:30p - 8:00p
The Texas Room (Edinburg Regional Hospital)
next to:Edinburg Children's Hospital
1102 W. Trenton Road

Looking forward to seeing you!
Want to host a Support Group in your town? Please contact [email protected]
HYDRO ANGELS Over Texas™ is devoted to individuals and families affected by hydrocephalus so they never feel alone. We advocate on behalf of the Hydrocephalus community by educating the general public thus raising the level of awareness about the complex issues of hydrocephalus. We will work with policy makers at the State level to raise awareness and push for research and support in our fight against Hydrocephalus for Texans! Our mission will be accomplished with the highest level of integrity and commitment.
 Our Partners:

We are always looking for guest speakers.
If you are a healthcare professional and would like to share your insight and knowledge about hydrocephalus with us, or any other professional with knowledge or assistants for those affected by medical conditions
  please contact 830-837-9459. 
[email protected] 
God has given us these times of joy! 
                                          Psalms 81:4

Awareness  Matters