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Hydro Angel Holiday Miracle

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Holiday Miracle's will be awarded in December

Since December 2010 we have been granting Holiday Miracles to children & adults who are living with Hydrocephalus. Here are a few of the special miracles.


Deputy Levi Taylor

2013 was truly a Holiday Miracle for this little Hydro Warrior from West Virginia!

Merry Christmas Levi




Meet Johnathan


 It has been a long hard 2+ year road since his diagnosis, but we have met some absolutely wonderful & caring hydro communities.They have been a source of support & answers that cannot be matched.  Johnathan has also been an inspiration to our family.  He has showed us what true and simple love looks like.  All children are blessings, but there honestly is something special about Johnathan.  

Johnathan's Christmas Miracle would be a therapy trampoline.... He got it!

Merry Christmas Johnathan

Hydro Angels in Action!


Meet Ashley

Ashley was 5 months when the doctor's started to notice that her forehead was starting to grow rapidly.  She couldn't walk and was having trouble in some of her developments. So by the age of 1 she had a v/p shunt placed in her,and after that she has had 5 shunt revisions. She is 16 years old.

Shley's dream was to have a bicycle. She got that and more, thanks to our friends at WALMART!

Merry Christmas Ashley

Hydro Angels in Action!



Meet Kashawn

Kashawn is 14 years old and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus last year caused by a brain tumor. He works very hard at school and is an amazing kid!

His Holiday Miracle was to find a Play Station 3 under the tree.... he got it!

Merry Christmas Kashawn

Hydro Angels in Action!

Meet Harley

Harley is a 4 1/2 year old girl who suffers from hydrocephalus, seizure disorder, asthma, neurogenic bladder, dysphagia and other neurological conditions. Due to this she suffers daily headaches, seizures, she is unable to walk and in a wheelchair due to her being a paraplegia.

Harley wanted to ride a bike like every child does.... now she can!

Merry Christmas Harley

Hydro Angels in Action!

Meet Victor

Victor has hydrocephalus, he got a vp shunt at 6 months of age.On December 10th he will be having surgery number 13, it will be on both feet. He will not be able to bear any weight for 6 weeks, so victor will spend Christmas in a wheelchair.

Victor's Holiday Miracle was to find an XBOX game system under the tree. He did!

Merry Christmas & Get well soon Hydro Warrior

Hydro Angels in Action!

Meet Madison

Madison was born 2 moths early and with a 6-pound head. We were told that she would be brain dead and
to institutionalize her; that was never an option for us! She is getting ready to go through her 14th surgery and still manages to keep a smile on her little face. She is the light of our life! We will be spending Christmas in the hospital this year after she has the 8 hour procedure that will be done by cutting Madison from ear to ear taking her skull apart and piecing back together. Her life is a Miracle.

Madison's Holiday Miracle was to have a Galaxy III to help her with her schoolwork. She got it!

Merry Christmas & Gods speed to healing

Hydro Angels in Action!

"It's a blessing," Alaina's mother, Richelle, said. "This is truly a Christmas miracle that she is able to have and ride a bike. She can finally be a normal 12-year-old kid, because her life has not been normal."

Merry Christmas!