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This Ribbon Matters

HAOA is proud to support this Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon. We are making it the official hydrocephalus awareness ribbon of choice, to represent hydrocephalus. We feel it is a true reflection of hydrocephalus awareness. We hope you do too!

Since the day we launched "This Ribbon Matters" we have been overwhelmed by the global support of this Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon. This ribbon has been placed on t-shirts, blankets, soaps, car magnets, books, wine glasses, recently the hood of a race car, and permanently on the skin of many Hydro Moms & Hydro Dads, as well as Hydro Warriors. Coming together as a hydrocephalus community, supporting "one" ribbon gives us a more powerful hydrocephalus awareness impact.Creating unity within the Hydrocephalus community ~Light blue represents children, dark blue represents adults, the water drop represents CSF, put them all together they = HYDROCEPHALUS AWARENESS for infants to elderly!


The Story Behind the Ribbon

 (Pictured: Kyle Bates (L) Desiree Bates (R) Sheri Burdine (C)

When you think of hydrocephalus, what comes to mind?  Most would say a build up of spinal fluid, brain surgery, pain, suffering, and challenges. When you think of awareness for hydrocephalus, what comes to mind? For most people an awareness ribbon is the first thing they identify with. Starting in July 2012, Hydro Angels Over America is proud to support this ribbon as the official Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon, and ask you to join the movement.

It is vital for our cause to come together as one voice and support one ribbon to unify us as a community who deserves to be noticed. So many other medical conditions can be recognized by a simple color, such as pink. I am sure you know what that pink ribbon stands for, without even the words Breast Cancer written across it. How did this happen? One person said pink, one person drew a ribbon, one person shared the ribbon, and millions accepted it.

 This is how an awareness campaign begins. One person can make a difference. Millions can accomplish great things. Join Hydro Angels over America as we start the journey of creating awareness with this ribbon. One person did make a difference when she created this ribbon in honor of her husband Kyle Bates, who is living with hydrocephalus. Her name is Desiree Branham Bates.

 Kyle has had over 18 brain surgeries and still has a wonderful personality and a great humor. Here is an actual Facebook post from Kyle, “after my 18th surgery for Hydrocephalus (water on the brain)... The doctor once told me I had dame bramage... but I don't know what that is.Finding love is hard enough in this life, but finding love, support, and humor all rolled into one big package is a miracle.

 Hydro Angels Over America will soon have a complete store of Hydrocephalus Gear for you to do all your one-stop shopping. We started the "This Ribbon Matters™" campaign and invite you to help us unite for the single purpose of bringing awareness to hydrocephalus. This ribbon is free to use by anyone. However, colors and design cannot be altered.  If you would like more information about this Hydrocephalus Awareness Ribbon, please contact us.You can see all our awareness products on our on-line Hydro Store.  If you wish to support this ribbon and our awareness efforts, we welcome you!

Please take this opportunity now, and go to our Facebook page to get a copy of this ribbon for you to use free of charge. Use it as your profile picture, or anywhere you want. (Facebook) Hydro Angels over America. Want a jpeg? Contact us.

 Thank you Desiree and Kyle for your outstanding awareness efforts and your inspirational love story. Together we are making a difference.

As a person living with hydrocephalus, I accept this ribbon and feel empowered to share it with the world. I finally feel like hydrocephalus has a place among the awareness ribbons, and it matters!

 ~ Sheri A. Burdine, Founder of HAOA

Living with hydrocephalus